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my aesthetic is alcoholic drinks that taste like they have no alcohol in

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real reasons bisexual women are more likely to end up in long-term relationships with men:

  1. huge amounts of societal pressure to be heterosexual or at least hetero passing
  2. rewards, both legal and social, of heterosexual marriage
  3. fear of coming out as bisexual, except in anonymous self-reporting studies
  4. fear of accidentally flirting with straight women because of the stereotypes concerning homosexuality and predatory behaviours
  5. disappointment/resignation after a life full of unreciprocated crushes on straight women
  6. negative opinions about bisexuals making it difficult to find partners within the LGBTQ community

not a reason bisexual women are more likely to end up in long-term relationships with men:

  1. bisexuality isn’t a real orientation and we’re all secretly faking it

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when ppl say lourry instead of larry im like that “blood orange…its fucking red” guy

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romwe coats |         

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At some point I want to do a total boy cut, completely—not a pretty, girly version—like a straight up James Dean haircut.

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Every Disney castle from Snow White to Frozen.

you forgot stitch’s sand castle 

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Let’s go bring back summer!

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kate soleilouis helped me out of my art block so this foxlouis is for herrrrrr ty friend :’) 

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How to get Harry Styles to notice you at a concert: Be a dad.

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I think this might be my favourite scene in all the Pirates of the Caribbean films. I can’t decide whose reaction I like best: Davy Jones’ look of sheer pride after ruining Will’s tea, Will’s look of “For fuck’s sake, I was drinking that” as it goes flying out of his hand, or Beckett’s look of horror at the sight of wasted tea. 

#British problems on the high seas. 

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louis tomlinson + a summary (insp)

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